Friday 16th November 2018


Fine and sunny and about 24 degrees celcius as of 1:30pm. The wind has picked up mid day. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

Quite a few anglers are hitting the evening rise and most are taking out the Sporting Caddis with the odd Elk Hair Caddis Patterns. Also worth a burn is the Goddards Caddis. 

Other anglers are doing quite well during the day using Hare and Coppers and a C3 fly Flashback PT red.

A few anglers are heading up to Lake Otamangakau with most seeming to home in on the Bloodworm parts of the fly case in the shop.  

Andrew has been out and about on the river and says you don't need to be too heavy with your flies and watch your leader lengths if you are nymphing .... also put some sunscreen on.  He also said if you are watching someone catch fish and you go in for a fish in the same place  ... don't wade out to the spot where the previous person was actually hooking fish ;-)


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