Friday 1st January 2016


Happy New Year !! Damn things are going so fast these days it's hard to keep up with what year we are actually in !! 

Turangi has been really busy with quite happy holiday makers.  The weather settled just in time for the holidays and has been superb. Major complaints at the moment are sandflies and mosquitos .... still at least the weather is good. 

Had some better reports yesterday from the boaties.  Still appear to be mixed reviews.  Some really cracker fish caught full of Koura, plenty of spent fish, other fish nice and silver with pale flesh, lots of smaller fish in great condition just under the legal size of 40cm, few reports of smelt, fish full of green beetle. I would suspect that as the weather stabilizes and warms up then the fishing should pick up.

Still getting reports of anglers catching nice fresh fish in the Tongariro on the fly.  Most are heading out for the evening rise.


(Above) Looking upstream from the Major Jones Swing Bridge late yesterday evening. I headed out for a cycle since it was such a nice evening to see what I could see.  For such a fantastic evening in the middle of a holiday I saw very few anglers ... upon riding back through town the reason was evident.... most were in their holiday homes sitting around a table eating and drinking with friends and family.

(Below) Looking upstream to the Stag Pool. Few anglers about but plenty of fish.


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