Monday 1st January 2018


Happy New Year to you all !!  We've had a busy Christmas period with plenty of fish getting caught. Hopefully as the busyness tapers off I can start to get a few more reports out and about.

Today is overcast but quite hot.  I got 28.5 degrees on the thermometer at home outside at lunchtime. There is just a slight breeze which will make the casting easier for the river. 

With the heat, anglers are hearing more and more cicadas starting to chirp. 

Last week we had some reports from anglers catching fish in the Tongariro that were fresh run fish with eggs in them. 

A little bit of light drizzle is falling as of 3:00pm.

The pictures below are thanks to Dave who sent them in this morning.  He caught the brown during the evening rise. This is a nice fat fish.  What a way to end the year with  !!!

dave 1 brown dec 2017.jpg

(Below) Dave also saw this Mayfly on one of his windows. Almost a perfect reflection.

dave 2 brown dec 2017.jpg

(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage thanks to Neil Cunnington who was back in Turangi about a week ago.

He caught this wee little brown in the Tongariro. 

neil 1 cunnington dec 2017.jpg

(Below) Neil had some action on the river.

neil 2 cunnington dec 2017.jpg


neil 3 cunnington dec 2017.jpg

(Above & Below ) He headed out onto Lake Taupo with his mate Ian Jenkins and got into some nice fat fresh fish.

neil 4 cunnington dec 2017.jpg


neil 5 cunnington dec 2017.jpg


neil 6 cunnington dec 2017.jpg

(Below) He even had fish come up and take his dry ! Looks like he caught fish by most methods.

neil 7 cunnington dec 2017.jpg






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