Wednesday 1st February 2017


Overcast here in Turangi this morning with the sun trying to poke through the cloud. No wind as of 9:30am.  All rivers are fishable.

I managed to head out for a fish on the Tongariro River on Sunday with my mate Hide (pronounced Heeday) from Japan.  He is back in NZ for another fishing trip. Sunday was a really nice sunny day perfect for cicada fishing. Hide had been nymphing prior to meeting up with me and was not sure about using a cicada.  I said to him to put one on and he fish with that while I set up for nymphing and fish with that. 

Not long after starting Hide hooked a fish.  It took the cicada ..... he was amazed ..... he kept fishing and had another 6-8 come up and hit the fly but in the end I think he only landed two... he kept missing or not seeing the take.

cicada fishing tongariro river 1 hide 29012017.JPG

(Above) Hide with a nice Tongariro River rainbow trout caught on the Cicada Dry fly.

(Below) Hide playing a trout.

cicada fishing tongariro river 2 hide 29012017.JPG

(Below) Hide waiting in anticipation for the "take".

cicada fishing tongariro river 3 hide 29012017.JPG

(Below) I landed this wee jack on the nymph.  Boy did it put up a fight though !

cicada fishing tongariro river 4 hide 29012017.jpg

(Below) The last few days out I have hooked a few "sammy sardines" like this one pictured below. They usually proliferate in the river for the next few months. They generally disappear out of the river about the end of April.  Sometimes a bit of a pest as they jump on the fly before the bigger fish have the chance to take, however they make great food for rather large brown trout that will inhale a fish similar to the size of this one. Just remember that these are juvenile fish and will be the bigger ones to catch in 2-3 years time.

cicada fishing tongariro river 5 hide 29012017.jpg


cicada fishing tongariro river 6 hide 29012017.jpg

(Above & Below) I hooked this nice rainbow nymphing as well. This one put up a super fight. It is the same one in the picture below. 

cicada fishing tongariro river 7 hide 29012017.jpg

(Below) We ended up on the Major Jones Swing bridge and saw a few fish off there.  I spotted one above the bridge so decided to get down to the river have a go at it. It took after about four casts !  This one leapt out of the water quite a few times and also put up a great fight. 

cicada fishing tongariro river 8 hide 29012017.jpg

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