Thursday 1st February 2018


Overcast.  Much cooler today ... only around 20 degrees celcius. Quite a gusty / blustery NE wind as of 9:00am.  No rain as of 9:00am yet.  As of 9:00am the Tongariro is fishable.

We have heavy rain forecast for later on today but at this stage haven't seen anything yet.


waiotaka river 1 summer 31022018.jpg

(Above) Can you spot the angler ? Andrew and I decided to have a look at the Waiotaka River to see if we could find any browns. The vegetation is pretty overgrown but it was possible to find the odd spot to spot. 

(Below) We spotted this beast.  Why is it that they are usually in impossible places to fish to.  This one was about 3 feet out from the bank facing downstream !!! Not many places to cast or to even try and get a good drift. Fish 1 anglers 0 .... !!!

waiotaka river 2 summer 31022018.jpg

(Below) If you couldn't see the fish in the picture above I have highlighted it in the picture below.

waiotaka river 3 summer 31022018.jpg

(Below) Another brown spotted .... and yes, in another almost impossible place to try and get a good cast and drift !

waiotaka river 4 summer 31022018.jpg

(Below) Once again if you couldn't see it in the picture above I have given you a little help here !

Fish 2 Anglers 0 .... !!!

Only two flies lost !

We had fun watching small rainbows trying to take an inch long cicada ... the ones attacking the cicada are mostly 2 inches long !!!  They have grand ambitions !

waiotaka river 5 summer 31022018.jpg


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