Tuesday 1st March 2016


Overcast start to the day here in Turangi today.  Last night the humidity eased and the night was much cooler to be able to get a decent sleep !!  All rivers are fishable today.  Seems to be a few fish in the river at the moment.  Plenty of rainbows that look to be resident type of fish.  The odd fresh rainbow has been reported.  

There appear to be plenty of crickets chirping at night at the moment.  They are mostly black crickets. 

We received these photos and email a yesterday thanks to Michael Filadelfi.  Michael writes:

Thanks for then helpful advice guys couldn't have caught the trout with out it :)




(Above & Below) The last two nights have seen some outstanding sunsets here in Turangi.  These two photos were from last night.  The colours started out yellow before turning orange.


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