Wednesday 1st March 2017


Overcast with high cloud but fine. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is fishable and clear. Some great fishing conditions now that the weather has settled. Hard to believe it is the 1st of March already.  The 1st day of Autumn. March is usually a great month for fishing with some more settled calm weather .... most anglers have moved on and the river is usually great to fish. You may experience some early running rainbows at this time ... few in numbers but big on size and condition. Still good browns around this month too. Dry fly fishing should continue well into this month if the weather stays good.

(Below) Andrew was out and about on the Tongariro River this morning doing his morning report. I captured this shot mid sneeze .... hay fever ....  grass pollen .... looks like a chipmunk about to cough up some nuts ....

As you can see the river looks nice and fishable and is well worth a visit. 

If you would like to see his full report then check out the Sporting Life Turangi Facebook page.


andrew mid sneeze 01032017.jpg 


(Below) How many Passion Vine Hoppers can you see on this one little piece of tree ? Each branch had a similar amount on them.  They seem to drill into the tree to suck the sap. The fish go nuts on them and I have found that fishing on a gusty windy day is really good as the wind blows them off overhanging bushes and into the water. The hoppers are damn hard to spot on the water though as they lie flat in the surface film. 


Check out the following link to find out more

Passion Vine Hopper


passion vine hopper 28022017.jpg

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