Friday 1st April 2016


Overcast with no wind at this stage.  No rain as of 11:00am. All rivers are fishable. Looks like more rain is on the way for the weekend.  Hopefully the rivers come up a bit again and get some extra volume to them.  Hopefully a good flush to blow a few of the tiddlers out of the system. Going by the last three years they tend to disappear at the end of April much to the relief of anglers who are sick of them getting in the way of catching some bigger fish.

If the river gets higher and dirtier due to the forecast rain then as I have said in the past " brown water = brown trout ".  Most anglers will look at the river when it is like this and turn their backs and say " you'll catch nothing in their laddie ! "

If this higher water does happen a few more fresh rainbows should start to turn up.


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