Wednesday 1st June 2016


Fine and sunny. A -2.5 degree Celsius frost to start the day today. The Tongariro is highly fishable today. All of the other rivers should be worth a crack ! Any volunteers want to work for me ?  16 years of doing the website and I have had no takers ??  

The fish should be having a feeding frenzy on the caddis after that good flood in the Tongariro. They will have been scoured out of their homes under the rocks and will be wriggling on the bottom to find some shelter again and the fish will just gorge themselves.  Most of the slime has gone which is great.  The boulders on the edge of the river that got the most sunlight in the shallows still have just a fine film of slipperyness to them which still have to be waded with care !!  It was a bit like walking on ice the other day, but a lot better than it was before the flood.  

This was only a minor flood which has changed some areas slightly but things are looking quite good if it stays this way.  Some other areas are looking more promising than before the flood.  The key to the Tongariro is to fish it regularly and to keep up with the changes but not to dwell on "the past" of how things used to be. Always keep on your toes and to seek the opportunities that open up to you.  Only use the "past" to look at the "new water" and reference that to other similar types that you pulled fish out of in the "past". 



(Above) I had a couple of interesting days of wandering around the river on my days off.  On Sunday when the river was high and dirty I found this fish in the picture above washed up on the river bank. It was quite a solid fish and apart from the ripped up tail couldn't work out why it was up on the bank.  Maybe the flows had got too much for it.  It looks like the birds had a go at the eyes and gills. I also saw a fish rise twice in the chocolate brown water??  How could it see anything on the surface ??


(Above & Below) A lot of anglers only focus on "fish,fish,fish" but as part of my "fishing experience" I enjoy observing things around me.  Monday was a day of rainbows and they seemed to be everywhere. I also enjoy strolling along the river track as there are different parts to it.  One of my favourite parts is under the larches opposite the Hydro Pool. I like how the needles fall and create a nice mat to walk on. 




(Above & Below) Also out strolling along the river tracks to get to various fishing spot I am always on the lookout for interesting things.  Fungus has been prevalent and they are always fascinating in terms of shapes and colours.  The picture above is a basket fungus ( ). These kind of remind me of those practice golf balls, you know the little plastic ones with holes in them.  

(Below) A nicely formed toadstool with an amazing colour.

While I was also fishing I witnessed something also just as amazing.  About 3m in front of me appeared to be a "speck of light" possibly not much bigger than a sandfly.  The only reason I saw it was there was a dark background and the light hit this little insect illuminating it. Next thing about a meter to my left "woosh" a Swallow flew past my arm and pecked this little spot of light out of clean air!! The Swallow banked to the left, did a loop in front of me and hoovered up another "speck of light" in front and to the right of me ! The thing I was wondering is if this bird was flying at a 100 miles and hour ... how the hell can it see something the size of a sandfly and with such precision grab it with it's beak ????




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