Wednesday 1st July 2015


Boy did we just about blow off the face of the Earth last night here in Turangi. The funny thing is it is calm this morning! Today the sun is out and there is little wind. It would be good to be out on the river this morning. The wind may pick up later in the day though.


Lakes Kuratau and Rotoaira are now closed for the season. 

Lake Kuratau reopens 1 October 2015.  Lake Rotoaira reopens 1 September 2015

A little bit of delayed coverage from the weekend.  This photo is Julian Fazakerly with a nice brown trout that he secured over the weekend. This one weight 8lbs.  Quite a few browns have still been getting caught in the Tongariro.




(Above & Below) A bit more coverage from the weekend.  This is the Cliff above the "Cicada Pool / Slab Alley" area of the river. A fair chunk had fallen off and it cut back to the fence. I got a report from a couple of anglers yesterday who said it was being re-fenced away from the top of the Cliff.  The track is a popular walking, running and cycling track.  It is fantastic on a beautiful day like it was on Sunday. Caution should be taken by anglers walking on the track as some cyclists seem to treat it as a speed track ... others who looked puffed go at a reasonable speed. Personally I think they should have bells on their bikes to alert walkers and even other cyclists when approaching blind corners or from behind !


(Below) Looking upstream to the Stag Pool


(Below) Looking downstream to the Admirals Pool and way down in the distance the Kamahi pool.


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