Saturday, 1st July 2017


Overcast with light rain falling at times. Not much wind. A bit warmer with the lack of frost. The Tongariro is highly fishable.

What a day it has been today. Pretty flat out in the shop which has prevented me from doing the report until this afternoon. Plenty of anglers calling into the shop to pick up new fishing licences and supplies. A few up-grading leaky or old waders.  It is amazing how being cold and wet will change the mind of someone to purchase a new set ;-)

I like it when anglers come into the shop and say "my waders have sprung a leak" .... to which I usually reply "you are lucky ... mine have sprung a spring onion!" ..... some get it .... with others it goes straight over their heads ....

It appears most anglers are still catching something. Very grey and overcast today here in Turangi today but we still haven't had a lot of rain yet. Not enough to put any colour into the Tongariro and a report this afternoon that the Tauranga-Taupo is still clear.

(Below) After mentioning yesterday that quite a few browns had been caught over the last week we had Duncan Robb call into the shop today having caught this one in the upper river. He caught this one nymphing.

duncan robb tongariro brown trout 01072017.jpg

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