Tuesday 1st September 2015


The first of September today!! The Spring has sprung ! Where did Winter go ? There was good steady rain all night long last night and I woke expecting to see the Tongariro in flood ... eh wrong!! It is highly fishable this morning.  I've already had an angler in the shop who had caught a fish in the Waiotaka too.

Lake Rotoaira is now open. Don't forget you need another licence to fish this one as well as the Taupo Fishing Licence.

Still not got your plastic card for your Taupo Season Licence ? We received an email last week saying that they should be starting to be posted out after a printing error held up the last lot.

With the arrival of Spring a few things start to happen. The days get a lot longer .... don't forget daylight savings starts 27 September (yippe!! this means I can get out after work for a fish).  Generally the insect life starts to get active towards the end of the month and into October. Also don't forget the "unsettled weather".  The Spring gives you a sense that Summer is just around the corner but usually we can have some really horrible, nasty squally, thundery, hail infused clouds that just beat you up on the river.  Also it can be very windy. I gauge the arrival of the wind with my Tulips .... as soon as they flower and start looking good they get blown to smithereens (about another 2-3 weeks yet) ! Not usually great weather to be fly casting when that happens. It is a usual case of casting 90-120 degrees away from where you actually want the line to land.



(Above & Below) This is the Motuoapa Marina currently devoid of boats waiting on Resource Consent to undergo the "new upgrade and re-development".  It is in the final process of the resource consent. The marina has been cleared of boats to allow room for this process to continue. The ramp is still usable until the work begins.


(Below) You can see by the water up under the jetties that the lake level is quite high at the moment.




(Above) With the amount of rain I heard on the roof last night is is quite a surprise that the Tongariro is highly fishable this morning. Two anglers fishing just below the S.H.1 road bridge at 9:15am.

(Below) Three or four anglers dotted around in the old "Bridge Pool" this morning.



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