Friday 1st September 2017


Overcast.  No rain falling as of 9:00am. No wind as of 9:00am either. Peter Carty checked the river this morning and said just a tinge of colour, perfect for fishing.

Boy did we get some rain overnight !! The weather was quite wild but this morning dawned to produce ideal fishing conditions.

pete 2 tongariro 01092017.jpg

(Above) While Pete was down at the S.H.1 road bridge he saw this angler busy landing a fish. Also note the dark grey clouds at the top of the picture .... a feature we have seen far too much of this year !!!

(Below) A successful landing of a Tongariro River rainbow trout.

pete 1 tongariro 01082017.jpg

(Below) A few anglers trying their luck just below the S.H.1 bridge this morning.

pete 3 tongariro 01092017.jpg


(Below) I received this photo and email yesterday thanks to Mike Boulton. Over the years I have heard of some interesting things that people have found in the stomach of trout. I have heard of Cigarette filters, pumice, and one year quite a few fish were caught with smooth roundish flattish stones in their stomachs. 

Mike writes:


This fish was caught in the TT this morning. A scrap of silage tape, a wrapper from an energy an energy bar & an unidentifiable piece of plastic was found in its gut


Mike Boulton 

plastic in trout aug 2017.jpg


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