Thursday 1st October 2015


The 1st of October has come around and now Lake Otamangakau and Kuratau are open. This will give anglers a few more options if the rivers are out for fishing. It also opens up the back country rivers. The two days off I had unfortunately did not coincide with Lake O opening ... damn  .... missed it by a day!

What this opening day means for me is anglers clear out of the Tongariro and other rivers and gives you plenty of space to fish heaps of water basically by yourself..... yippee !!  Still plenty of fish to come through over the next few months and the dry fly action should only heat up as we head towards Christmas.



(Above & Below) I went for an explore into the lower Tongariro on Tuesday.  Some great looking water to be fished but ..... just no one around.




(Above & Below) Do you think an Orange Rabbit would work here ? Might be a bit hard for fish to see in amongst this.  This is the remnants of the Delatours Bend opposite the carpark at the end of Grace's Road !!




(Above & Below) The "Turangi International Airport" down Grace's Road on Tuesday. Wonder how many scheduled flights per year there are ? I was wondering what the tires on the fence were for ?  Painted white were they "Hi Tech leading lights" or a "Hi Tech Crash Barrier" should a plane overshoot the mark ?


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