Sunday 1st October 2017


Overcast.  No wind or rain as of 10:00am this morning here in Turangi today.  The Tongariro is fishable. 

We were quite busy in the shop yesterday with the start of the school holidays.  Quite a few anglers were preparing to fish Lake Otamangakau.  Most were stocking up on spinning lures and getting fresh nylon as well as getting licences ready to hit the " BIG O " this morning.  

Also quite a few were getting fishing licences to head out on Lake Taupo with the kids for a fish off the boat. Don't also forget you need a Boat Ramp Launching permit to launch a boat in Lake Taupo. 

Both of these licences can be obtained online at the following addresses:

Taupo Fishing Licence :

Taupo Boat Ramp Launching Permit   :


A few more anglers were getting ready for heading to the backcountry to give those fish a nudge. 

I took my Grandson, Connor out for a catfish last night to see if I could hook him into a fish.  He's keen on fishing.  Unfortunately we only got one " bite " which ended up being a small trout that " got off ".  A few others were down at the Tokaanu wharf trying their luck as well, but not a lot was happening for them either ! It got quite cold in the end, however a trip to the Tokaanu Thermal Hotpools made up for the lack of fish !


connor catfishing 30092017.jpg

(Above & Below) Connor from the Wairarapa catfishing at the Tokaanu Wharf. The only thing we got a solid hook-up on was the Wharf itself !

connor catfishing again 30092017.jpg


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