Monday 1st October 2018


Overcast but cool. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear.

There are reports of plenty of fish in the Tongariro.

Andrew reports quite a few fish rising in the evening. Now is the time to be fishing wee wets during the day.  As the evening rise starts it also pays to start using soft hackle emergers. There are still runs coming up the rivers but a lot of the spawned fish will be looking at feeding now.

A reminder that Lake Otamangakau and Lake Kuratau are now open for the season ( 1 October ).  A reminder that the Upper Reaches of Taupo Rivers do not open until ( 1 December ).

The backcountry rivers open today also ( 1 October ).  Don't forget that you will need a Fish and Game fishing licence to fish these areas. Also a reminder that Fish and Game and Taupo Fishing licences are different and do not cross over. Click the following link to purchase a Fish and Game Licence.  Also be aware of Resident and Non Resident licence categories:


Purchase Fish and Game Licence


(Below) There is still plenty of snow left on Mt Ruapehu. I took this picture yesterday. This snow can be good for the Spring fishing. When it melts it keeps the river flows ticking at a good volume and also keeps the river temperatures down.


30092018 mount ruapehu spring snow trout fishing turangi new zealand.jpg

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