Thursday 1st November 2018


Overcast with good steady rain falling.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro as of 9:00am is clear and fishable. 

1:00pm  The weather has taken a turn for the worse with quite heavy rain showers coming over Turangi.  The temperature has taken a dive and it feels like snow is falling on the surrounding hills.  This is what I describe as typical Spring weather.  The warm past few weeks has given some a false sense that Summer is here, unfortunately living long term here in Turangi we can get some quite wild weather in the next month or so. On the river you can be bathed in sunshine and dressed in a T-shirt, the next minute a squall can come through and you need to be rugged up like you are in the middle of Winter only to find an hour later you need to be back in a T-shirt. 

This time of the year usually sees a good number of fish in the river.  Plenty of recovering fish (one's that have spawned ) are in the river and will be active in their feeding habits.  Try fishing some stronger water or use a wetline to possibly pick up the more fresher fish.  The recovering fish are still a lot of fun.

The insect life is usually pretty active at this time of the year so nymphing is quite productive.  Andrew was out on the Tongariro River last night and said some fish were rising before dark but once again as soon as it got dark the rise stopped.  This is not what I would consider common as over the years that I have fished the rise, it usually gets more intense right on and just after dark. There has been the odd occasion when I have fished and the rise has gone really quiet for a few days.  Even though few fish have risen I persisted with skating the caddis and found I could still pick up fish by actually inducing them to rise. 

What we don't really need at this stage is a big flood.  This will knock a lot of fish from the upper river into the town area which will be quite good for the short term. If there is a flood, fish while the river is still dirty with big fat juicy caddis nymphs and there is usually a feeding frenzy for a day or so as the fish gorge on the dislodged nymphs. More hot sunny days will be great for the dry fly fishing. 

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