Thursday 1st December 2016


Overcast here in Turangi this morning. No wind for a change !! All rivers are fishable. Wow !!! 1st of December today.  Where has the year gone ??  As of today you are now able to access and fish the upper reaches of all fishable rivers.  The Kuratau River opens for fishing as well. These are now open for Summer fishing.

Boy have we had a crap Spring weatherwise .... very few sunny days, plenty of wind and rain .... with the lack of sunshine I have had trouble photosynthesizing !!! Some sunshine would be nice !!!! Being the 1st day of Summer today hopefully the weather will settle a bit.  When the sun does eventually make an appearance I am pretty sure it will be hot !! We really need the moisture and humidity and heat to get the cicadas going. 

In the meantime get out there an have a go nymphing or wetlining during the day and arm yourself in the evenings for the evening rise. Also keep your eyes peeled for rising fish during the day.

Had a report from a couple of anglers the other day who almost got lost up at the Tauranga-Taupo river saying the grass on the track was up to about head height.

(Below) The Tongariro river at about 8:00am this morning. Clear and fishable. The vegetation along the riverbanks has really started to take off now.

tongariro river 01122016.jpg




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