Thursday 1st June 2017


First up I must apologize for the lack of reports over the last week. It all started when the power company had some power cuts which appear to have blown our computer up. One week later and a new computer installed we are almost back to normal.

We lost email capability too so sorry if I haven't  replied to your emails with you sending in pictures. I am able to receive emails but cannot send them at this stage. 

Boy oh boy have I wanted to put some reports on over the last week!!!! Some stunning fish have been caught.  Very fat rainbows and plenty of browns.

Overcast, cool.  No wind. All rivers are fishable.  The Tongariro is clear.  

A reminder that the upper reaches of all fishable rivers are now closed until 1st December this year.  

Also a reminder that the New Season Taupo fishing licences start on the 1st of July so your current one is still valid until then. You have the rest of this month to fish on that one.

I managed to get out for a flick over the last couple of days.  I headed up river and basically only saw two other anglers for the time I was out fishing. Great fishing on the nymph with glo bugs.

The river in the middle to upper reaches looks really good after all of the flooding from a few weeks back.  It looks clean and fresh and the wading is a little easier with the cleaner rocks.


glo bug fishing 1 tongariro river 30052017.jpg

(Above & Below) A nice fresh fat conditioned hen.  The fish were really taking the glo bugs on Tuesday.

glo bug fishing 2 tongariro river 30052017.jpg

(Below) A nice fresh jack.

glo bug fishing 3 tongariro river 30052017.jpg

(Below) This fish inhaled the glo bug way down inside its mouth.

glo bug fishing 4 tongariro river 30052017.jpg


glo bug fishing 5 tongariro river 30052017.jpg


glo bug fishing 6 tongariro river 30052017.jpg

(Below) I kept these three fish.  The two bottom ones look discoloured.  When you leave them for a while and their skin gets pressured they change colour. When you clean them up and put them in the freezer their colour seems to come back again. The top fish was the most recent caught. Once you have caught and KEPT your third fish you must stop fishing for the day.

glo bug fishing 7 tongariro river 30052017.jpg



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