Monday 2nd January 2017


Overcast with light drizzly rain falling. No wind.  The Tongariro is fishable this morning. Seems to be quite a few people hitting the Tongariro this summer discovering there are quite a lot of fish in there over the summer .... lack of floods in the Spring has kept good fish numbers in the river Tongariro and the lack of floods has kept the slime there too which is holding abundant insect life. Over the last 16 years I have really enjoyed the summer fishing on the Tongariro (probably has been the best kept fishing secret in NZ for summer fishing ... just wait till the big/huge browns move through).  The evening rises are something to experience if you haven't experienced that before. Seems to have been a lot more anglers fishing the river these Christmas Holidays which is good to see.   


(Below) This picture is thanks to Peter Carty who was out on the Tongariro River yesterday. He is on the board for 2017 with this well mended fish.  He said it put up a good fight.


peter carty 01012017.jpg

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