Friday 2nd February 2018


Overcast with some clear patches of clear blue sky. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro flooded overnight and came up to 400 cumecs.  As of 9:00am is unfishable but has dropped to 200 cumecs. This may be fishable for the "Swingers" later this afternoon.

Most of yesterday we only got blustery wind with a bit of drizzly rain but the rain really hit about 8:00-9:00pm last night.

(Below) The Tongariro River at about 8:15am this morning. This is flowing at about 200 cumecs.  


400 cumec 1 flood 02022018.jpg

(Below) The colour of the water this morning at 8:15am.

400 cumec 2 flood 02022018.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream above the SH 1 road bridge. 

400 cumec 3 flood 02022018.jpg


flood 1 jason 02022018.jpg

(Above & Below) These photos are thanks to Jason Bleibtreu from River Birches Lodge. This was from 7:00am this morning.

flood 2 jason 02022018.jpg


mike hollows 1 brown trout 31012018.jpg

(Above & Below) These photos are thanks to Mike Hollows.  I received these pictures and email yesterday before todays flood.  Mike writes:

Hi Team

Check out these two lovely browns caught a day apart on the Tongariro.

The bigger of the two touched 9lb and gave me all sorts of grief and managed to bugger the drag on my reel in the process. Both fish were landed without a net and kept in shallow water for these snaps to give them every chance of a successful recovery and spawn.

The last photo has two browns in it. A 25 kg version called “cookie” and the 9 pounder getting its breath back. You’ll need to look hard as it’s pretty well camouflaged (look a meter in front of the semi submerged rock.

Tight lines

Mike Hollows


mike hollow 2 brown trout 31012018.jpg


mike hollows 3 brown trout 31012018.jpg

(Below) For those of you that had trouble spotting the Brown trout in the picture above, I have circled it in the picture below. For those not that good at spotting fish, it can either make your day or break your day !  Fish spotting is an essential tool as an angler. A good pair of polarized glasses makes it easier. Most can see into clear calm water but it is a bit of a skill spotting them in water like this.

mike hollows 3 brown trout circled 31012018.jpg




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