Thursday 2nd March 2017


Fine with high cloud here in Turangi this morning. A brisk chilly breeze has come up. All rivers are fishable. The Tongariro is looking fantastic as usual.  The cicadas are still chirping but the cooler mornings are delaying their wake up alarm.  So long as the weather stays warm and sunny then they should continue well into March.  The latest I have caught fish on a cicada is about the 1st week of April. More and more Passion Vine Hoppers / Lace Moths are coming online for the trout.

A mixture of reports from Lake Otamangakau. Some struggling with catching a fish but others are having a ball. Usual fly suspects for this time of the year being damsels, bloodworms and pheasant tails. This has been a great season for double figure fish this year with plenty of anglers reporting catching them over 10lbs. 



Lost Property:


Found x1 fly box at Lake Otamangakau. If this is yours send us an email at or phone (07) 386 8996


lost fly box 02032017.jpg

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