Friday, 2nd March 2018


Overcast, and warm here in Turangi this morning. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

A few anglers are finding the fishing a little tough on the Tongariro at present. There are fish there but adjustng what technique you do and where you do it are key.  If you catch nothing on the nymph change to the wetfly and go back through the same water. The Summer has been a lot wetter this year and the river has generally been a lot higher since January.  The floods have knocked quite a few of the fish out of the river and back into Lake Taupo.

There has been some good fishing at the river mouths but anglers are reporting a lot of "skinny" fish. Most of these fish will have been knocked out of the river during the flooding over the last couple of months. The water has been high since January due to the much wetter conditions this Summer. These fish will be wanting to expend no energy to feed up and will cruise the margins looking for an easy meal which puts them in reach of the anglers. Also the lack of sunshine over January and February may have had an impact on what type of food they may be looking for. This Summer has been completely different than the last few that have had high sunshine hours.  The funny thing is anglers recognise the fact that their lawns have stayed green all Summer which is "unusual " but when it comes to fish they expect them to be in  " top condition all of the time " and that the fishing  "should be the same as last year " and that they compare this years fishing to previous years not realising that the weather can change what sort of fishing we get ?? 

A delayed bit of coverage from a few days ago thanks to Jens Muller-Buckland.  Jens writes: 


Hi Jared,


Found a few more “skinny” ones in the “ocean” that liked my flies, but the real surfers did not come near me, perhaps tomorrow…..or Friday!?

Also a shot of the brown I kept taken by my mate Bob a couple of days ago .. and yes, the fish are still resting in the creek. I can wait, they will have to come out one day? Won't they?


skinny 1 jens 28022018.jpg

(Above & Below) It looks like smelt are on the menu at the river mouths at the moment.  

 skinny 2 jens 28022018.jpg

(Below) Jens has spotted this good sized brown which still looks like it is swimming free ...

skinny 3 jens 28022018.jpg

(Below) Jens with his mates good sized brown trout.

skinny 4 jens 28022018.jpg

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