Friday, 2nd June 2017


Overcast with high cloud with the sun trying to poke through. A good frost this morning. No wind.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

For those heading this way for the weekend - the fishing should be great ...... don't know about the catching as that is up to the individual but if there is rain over the weekend then this will be beneficial to you.

Some awesome fish are in the rivers at present.  They are good strong fighters and they are FAT.

Here is a little bit of delayed coverage from when the computer was down.  The first lot of pictures are thanks to Charlie Dixon.  Charlie writes:

Hi Jared,

Here’s just a small sample of some of the fish landed over what was a fantastic long weekend of fishing on the Tongariro. Nearly every fish landed was a hard fighting fresh fish. There seems to be way more fresh fish in the river at present compared to this time last year. I can’t wait to get back down again!!



dixon 1 charlie tongariro river may 2017.jpg

dixon 2 charlie tongariro may 2017.jpg

(Below) Charlie with a Silver Ingot from the Tongariro River.  The fish running the river so far have been really nice conditioned fish.

dixon 3 charlie tongariro river may 2017.jpg

dixon 4 charlie tongariro river may 2017.jpg

(Below) Local angler Chris "The Bloody Greek" with a nice fat 8 and a quarter pound brown trout that he caught about a week ago from the Tongariro River. I asked him what he caught this one on and he said "The Ouzo Egg ... straight ... on ice .... shaken  ... not stirred ".

chris the bloody greek may 2017.jpg

(Below) Glo bugs are catching !!  "Don't get cheeky with me boy !"

cheeky glo bug may 2017.jpg

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