Tuesday 2nd August 2016


Fine and sunny start to the day in Turangi. A strong breeze is picking up as I am writing this. The Tongariro is highly fishable today. 

Boy am I glad to see some blue sky!!  The rain never seemed to let up over the last week or so and the grey skies were getting depressing !!  The ground is well and truly sodden now.

I managed to get out for a flick on Sunday with Andrew and Paddy.  What a day !!  Winter has come .... I didn't get to meet John Snow but by crikey I managed to meet Harry Hail !!!!!  Talk about getting pelted by little white balls.  My hands froze pretty well in the afternoon.  Mind you it is satisfying being in your waders and cocooned in your wading jacket.

The fishing was a little on the quiet side trying to figure out where the fish were but I managed to snag a few on the nymph.  They seemed quite partial to a caddis.  I only got one on a glo bug.

fly fishing new zealand taupo 5 jared 31072016.jpg

(Above) Andrew standing on the bank of the Breakfast Pool on Sunday as rain and hail are pelting us.

(Below) Snow on the top of Mt Pihanga on Sunday afternoon.  Earlier in the day it was reported down to the farmland.

fly fishing new zealand taupo 7 jared 31072016.jpg


fly fishing new zealand taupo 1 jared 31072016.jpg

(Above) I managed to locate a few fish but they were few and far between.  The river was up quite a bit.  It looked good but just not much doing.  Most fish caught took a caddis with only one taking a glo bug.

fly fishing new zealand taupo 2 jared 31072016.jpg

(Above & Below) I got this nicely coloured rainbow jack. He had a good hook on the jaw.

fly fishing new zealand taupo 3 jared 31072016.jpg

(Below) A nice bright silver rainbow hen.

fly fishing new zealand taupo 4 jared 31072016.jpg

(Below) This jack I landed in the Major Jones Pool.  Andrew has a video on our Facebook page if you wish to view it.

fly fishing new zealand taupo 6 jared 31072016.jpg

(Below) The one and only fish I caught on a glo bug.  This was a little precocious jack.  He was a mini jack with a hook and was quite fresh.

fly fishing new zealand taupo 8 jared 31072016.jpg 

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