Wednesday 2nd September 2015


The Tongariro is fishable this morning for both the nymph or wetline. More rain overnight has made the place pretty soggy. I'm starting to feel like a fish myself!  It would be nice to get some fine weather to dry things out a bit.   A little bit foggy and misty this morning as well.

Here's a great video clip from Andrew Harding who fished here over the weekend. Andrew writes:

Gidday Jared, some action from this weekend on the once-again, mighty Tongariro.


Andrew Harding

We had Chris Barry in the shop yesterday afternoon who had caught his limit of fish on the Tongariro.

A reminder that the limit is three fish per angler per day. Once you have KEPT your third fish you must stop fishing for the day.

Chris said to say "Hi" to Ross back in Sydney ..... "you should be here fishing!"


(Below) A few anglers have been coming into the shop reporting that they have now received their plastic season fishing licences. Here is one I managed to capture yesterday ! I released it back to its owner.




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