Friday 2nd September 2016


Overcast with high cloud. No wind. All rivers are fishable. 

A few more reports from anglers over the last few days of hatching Mayflies and the odd rising fish during the day and also in the evening. Fingers crossed the weather stays like it is as this should bring on more of this. Observation is a key fishing skill here. Actually doing something about seeing what you see .... is the other part most anglers seem to ignore as they continue to lob their flies they currently have on being oblivious to the "things they are seeing". Fundamentals of fly fishing such as "size, shape and colour" are often overlooked by about 90% of anglers.

On my day off on Tuesday I also went down to the lower river to check things out. I started off where the Delatours bend broke away and then worked my way upstream to the Reed Pool. A good track lines the true right of the river. The water looked awesome for the wetline ... of which I forgot and left at home!! I only saw two other anglers.

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river lower 1 river 30082016.jpg

(Above) Looking downstream to where the Delatours Bend cut through.

(Below) Nice looking wetlining water in the lower river.

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river lower 2 river 30082016.jpg

(Below) The well formed track which is easy to walk.

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river lower 3 river 30082016.jpg

(Below) I even snagged a fish !! Almost pure silver this one was.

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river lower 4 river 30082016.jpg


pollen 2 turangi 30082016.jpg

(Above) I discovered this back eddy of pollen the other day.  A fine yellow slick on the surface of the water.

(Below) This is the pollen on my car from the same day.  No point in washing the car!! By the end of the day it will look just the same. The culprit ... huge tracts of pine plantations !

pollen 1 turangi 30082016.jpg

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