Saturday, 2nd September 2017


Overcast AND yes, I hate to say it ... raining AGAIN !!!! No wind as of 9:30am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable today and flowing at about 33 cumecs.

We started the weekend quite busy here in the shop. Quite a few anglers turned up yesterday for fishing. Anglers are still reporting good fishing with both the wetliners and nymphers doing well.

Nymphers still seem to be taking mostly glo bugs out of the shop.  Lots of fish in the river now are most likely squirting eggs out so other fish just can't resist.

Wetliners still seem on be on rabbits - green, orange or red and dark olive woolly buggers.

Good reports in from the Tauranga-Taupo river with what appears to be plenty of fish.

We have the Fireman's Competition coming up next week which is due to start on 4th through to the 7th.  Most will turn up this weekend.


 susan barker 1st fish 02092017.jpg 

 (Above) This photo was sent in this afternoon thanks to Duncan Robb. This is Susan Barker with her first fish caught with the help of local fishing guide Bill Grace. They were out and about this morning fly fishing at the Tongariro River Delta on Lake Taupo.

(Below) Gordon MacDonald caught this rather large brown trout today trolling on Lake Taupo.  I placed a 9 foot 4 piece rod tube beside it to show you the size comparison ... on the Eyeometer scale it would have gone 10 lbs but according to the Digital Scales it went 8.9lbs.  Tonight after a few drinks it will be well over 15lbs .... and according to the " I heard it through the grapevine scales" by the end of next week anglers will be calling into the shop telling us "did you hear some joker caught a 19lbder out trolling".


gordon macdonald brown trout 09092017.jpg

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