Sunday 2nd September 2018


Overcast with steady rain falling here in Turangi today. Not much wind that I can see from out of the shop windows. As of 11:30am the Tongariro is flowing at about 32 cumecs. This is highly fishable.  There is a good chance that more snow will be falling around the local mountains today.  This should keep the river temperatures down and should induce a few more fish to run.

Most anglers in the shop over the last few days have reported catching fish in the rivers.  The stand out river appears to be the Tauranga-Taupo river. Nice silver fish reported up there. Looks like glo bugs doing the trick.

We've had more favourable reports from the upper Tongariro than around the town. Plenty of anglers heading up that way.

Don't forget daylight savings begins at the end of this month ( Sunday 30th September ) .  This will benefit all of those dry fly enthusiests who can get out for a flick after work. This will give you some extra daylight hours at the end of the work day to be able to get out and enjoy yourselves. However this extra time we get usually coincides with the grass starting to grow, so some of your fishing time may be taken up with buzzing the lawns ;-(


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