Friday 2nd October 2015


Boy did it rain during the night !  It kept me awake most of the morning.  I was expecting the Tongariro to be flooded this morning but it is highly fishable. Should be ideal for both the wetline and the nymph.

Doesn't appear to be too many anglers around at the moment (apart from selected spots where they will be tripping over each other). A nice time to explore around if you like fishing by yourself.

A few reports from Lake O yesterday from " not so good ... didn't catch a thing" to "boy we had a great day both spinning and fly fishing!".  I guess it depends on who you are and what you do.

After the explore of the Tongariro I had on Tuesday I wanted to get out on Wednesday and give the wetline a burn. 

I usually prefer nymphing but to keep my eye in for the wetline to make sure I am doing it right I decided that conditions looked great. The day was bright and sunny and the water was nice and clear.  I think the last time I wet lined was in February ...... I guess I still have the touch ! The fish put up some great fights and in general they were top quality whereas I find with the nymphing I tend to pick up the more recovering feeding fish. 

I released all of the fish so that those who believe there are none out there can have a chance at catching them ;-)

I caught one on an olive woolly bugger and the rest took glo bugs or rabbits. 








(Below) This was a solid jack that took the lure almost as it hit the water.  Boy did he put up a great fight !




(Below) This one was foul hooked with the fly catching it just under the chin


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