Monday 2nd November 2015


I love my sleep, and will only get out of bed when i really really have to. I calculated when was the last time i got out of bed to watch a rugby game and it was in the early 2000's when the Hurricanes where playing. But we had a house full this weekend and a few of the guys were getting up to watch it so I thought WHY NOT? And I am so glad that I got up and watched that game. I guess that Mr Paul Adams can eat his words. Those earth tremors must of been the EXCITEMENT of the ABs coming home with the cup! 

Didn't the ABs play well, I know that no rugby game is ever perfect but I thought that the ABs played well!!!! And I dont no what you think but isn't there a few hotties in the ABs. Another good reason to roll out of bed and watch the game! (its not Jared writing this don't worry)

ANYWAY getting back to the whole reason for this report FISHING!!!!! I actually enjoyed some fishing this weekend. I went out on the wharf with some friends and had a go. I tried really hard I will have you know. I had a lot of enthusiasm, my friends were having a great laugh at my expense but I think that their laughing scared the fish off cause i caught nothing. And to add salt to the wounds we were a the Kawhia Wharf so even more fish there and the kid next to me caught loads of baby snapper. Not good for my ego!

But fishing the Tongariro? Well according to our own secret agent 001 he said that the most success people are getting is by moving from pool to pool. We had an Ozzie man this morning, he said that he hooked some beautiful fish on the weekend but lost them (Probably happened on Sunday morning when the Wallabies lost the cup) But he also said that there are so many in the river you can see them, its just hard getting them on your hook. So there out there you just need to try!

Weather is pretty average, according to metservice its meant to be fine today. But the clouds are out and the sun is struggling to make its way thru them. But that means that the likelihood of getting sunburnt lessens.



Above: One of the Hotties to be in the NZ team



Awesome Work Nonu!

The Hot Stuff that is SBW and his kind gestures just make him better!

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