Thursday 2nd December 2017


Overcast, warm and humid. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

Wow !!!  Hard to believe it is November already!  I seem to be flicking over calendar pages almost daily !!! Where has the year gone?

Good reports of caddis hatching right on dark.

007 who works with us here in Sporting Life spotted his first Brown Beetle yesterday .... the Green Beetles can't be too far away.  Having stayed in one spot for quite some time now, I have noticed anglers are very good at noticing things .... and NOT noticing things.  

One of the interesting things especially with hatches such as green beetle or cicadas is that anglers will generally report that there is "nothing hatching this year ".  The interesting thing is, I have noticed that every year there is a hatch of green beetles and every year there is a hatch of cicadas ..... the thing to point out is whether the hatch is a BIG one or a SMALL one.  The thing I have noticed is there are years where these hatches are MORE intense than other years where they are LESS intense.  A bit like the smelt .... there is either smelt, or there is no smelt ?  A few years back anglers were reporting NO smelt, but when I was working down at the marina at the Tokaanu Tailrace doing some maintenance on my mates yacht, there was a ton of smelt hovering around the boats down there?  The funny thing was I never saw any other anglers down there seeing what I was seeing ??

This brings me on to Observation .... most anglers are only focused on "the fish"  .... observation or lack thereof can be a good indicator for catching fish .... for example ... if you and 10 other anglers are fishing a pool for three hours and no one is catching anything ... would you stay with the 10 anglers or would you try somewhere else ?? What I would be OBSERVING is that not a lot is happening and I would try my luck somewhere else .... or another scenario ....

10 anglers are fishing a pool for three hours and only one of those anglers is catching fish on a regular basis ... if the anglers are moving through the pool and this angler is catching fish in most places in the pool what would you do ? ( most would want to throw them in the water I know but ?? ) 

Another fatal mistake for a lot of anglers when it comes to dry fly fishing is that they "don't see any fish rising so they don't use the dry" .... this is almost as silly as saying I don't see any fish feeding so I won't use a nymph ????

At this time of the year use a dry whether you see a fish rise or not ... it is the cherry on the top if you do see the fish rise.  Nice sunny days are good for dry fly fishing. Probe the water with your fly and seek out the fish .... 

Once again ... 

observe the weather conditions, ie sunny / overcast / windy / humid / dry / rainy 

observe things like sunny patches of water / shaded patches of water / 

observe things like clear water / dirty water 

observe things like temperature drops / increases / changes in light

observe birds

observe insects flying around

observe other anglers ( the best advice here if you want to catch fish is OBSERVE the anglers who are catching fish !! )



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