Friday 2nd December 2016


Fine and sunny with some cloud about. Just a slight breeze as of 9:00am.  All rivers are clear and fishable. 


It appears the fishing in Lake Taupo is picking up with some great fish caught over the last week or so (while the wind and weather has allowed). Red seems to be a colour of choice at present.  Over the last few weeks boaties have taken out red and silver toby's, rastafarian lures, traffic lights and of course the old black and gold toby. The harlers have been doing well on the traditional green orbits and yellow ladys, it might also be worth giving a red bodied Taupo Tiger or Red Bodied Green orbit a burn as well. I've seen some great conditioned rainbows caught jigging too. 

(Below) The Tongariro as of 8:00am this morning. Clear and fishable with basically no wind.

tongariro river 02122016.jpg

lake taupo one nov 2016.jpg

(Above & Below) These shots were from the rare sunny days we had over the Spring.  This was from last Tuesday. This is from the lookout above the Tokaanu Power Station looking North towards Lake Taupo.  The little mound/hill/mountain you can see in the middle is called Mt Maungangamu or what locals called Mosquito Hill (for obvious reasons). 

(Below) The piece of water just to the right of Mt Maungangamu is the Tokaanu Tailrace, the dark piece of land jutting out into Lake Taupo to the right of the picture is the Motuoapa Peninsula (Te Rangawha Point), the little piece of land to the back of that is a little island called Motutaiko Island and directly behind that on the horizon is Mt Tauhara with the township of Taupo just to the left of that where the flat spot is.

lake taupo two nov 2016.jpg

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