Wednesday 3rd January 2018


Been flat out in the shop but the fishing on Lake Taupo is HOT !  Jigging and trolling working well.

A few anglers reporting quite a few spent fish being picked up in the lake but along with them are some really top conditioned ones.

Jigging try Grey Ghosts, Gold Bodied Ginger Micks, Green Orbits, Silicon Smelts.

Trolling try traffic light cobra, yellow and white cobra, green and gold cobra, green and orange cobra, silver cobra, silver with green head cobra and the good old fashioned Mother of Pearl. 


I received this photo and email today thanks to James Street.  James writes:


Hey all and Happy New Year.

Some excellent fishing out there at the moment. 
Tell Jared I'll only ever need one fly from now on. Caught on the good ol red setter. 
Fish is 595mm and 2.62kg


james 1 setter 03012018.jpg

(Below) Check out the condition of the fillets on this fish that James caught !

james 2 setter 03012018.jpg


james 3 setter 03012018.jpg



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