Friday 3rd February 2017


Fine and sunny start here in Turangi this morning. Humid. The Tongariro is highly fishable this morning. The Cicadas are chirping madly!!! Looks like the weather for the long holiday weekend is going to be fantastic for fishing !!

(Below) The Boss took this picture of two rainbows caught up at Lake Otamangakau yesterday. Some anglers have found the weather a bit on the extreme side over the last week or so.... hot, cold, sunny, windy .... ahhh the challenges of Lake O .... but the fish pull hard.

lake otamangakau rainbows 02022017.jpg

(Below) Jens sent in this picture from 4:30pm yesterday of the Tongariro River .... Jens writes:


No one fish'n and that's where the fish are ... in the river.....

jens 3 cicada feb 2017.jpg

(Below) He also sent in this picture of "Cicadas on the March".  The cicadas have been hatching madly over the last four or five days. These are their husks once they have hatched and flown away. There are heaps along the river.

jens 1 cicada feb 2017.jpg

(Below) Moods of Kuratau ....  looking north to Mt Tauhara.

jens 2 cicada feb 2017.jpg


neil 1 juju.jpg

(Above) Some of you may rememeber Neil who worked in the shop here for a few years .... here he is back in his native Queensland in Australia catching some "real" fish. 

(Below) The shot of this fish almost looks like the next character from Star Wars ... looks like a match made in heaven ;-)

neil 2 juju.jpg


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