Saturday 3rd February 2018


Overcast but fine start to the day. A light gusty breeze has picked up as of 9:45am. The Tongariro is slightly coloured and fishable running between 40-50 cumecs.

Looks like another busy weekend coming up with the Waitangi Holiday Weekend.  A few people have taken the Monday off to get a four day holiday. 

bridge after 1 flood 03022018.jpg

(Above) Two anglers fishing just below the S.H.1 bridge this morning. The river has dropped back nicely after the 400 cumec flood from the day before. 

(Below) A nice touch of colour to the Tongariro River this morning.  Fantastic for nymphing or swinging a wet fly.

bridge after 2 flood 03022018.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge this morning. 

bridge after 3 flood 03022018.jpg

(Below) The following photos are a little bit of delayed coverage thanks to Jens Muller-Buckland ( my roving reporter ). Jens is back in town for a while.

jens 1 back in business jan 2018.jpg

(Above & Below) Jens landed this fish at the Omori stream mouth the other day.

jens 3 back in business jan 2018.jpg

(Below) The carpark at the Omori stream mouth.

jens 5 back in business jan 2018.jpg

(Below) A nice looking fat Tongariro river rainbow landed by Jens on a wetline the other evening before the flood.

jens 6 back in business jan 2018.jpg

(Below) Did some old guy without his glasses take this photo ? Jens with another Tongariro river rainbow.

The Tongariro was starting to fish really well just before this latest flood. We will have to see how the river goes over the next week or two once it settles again and the flows drop back.  Might be worth a burn while it still has some colour to the water though.

jens 7 back in business jan 2018.jpg

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