Thursday 3rd March 2016


The day has started off calm and overcast today here in Turangi.  All rivers are clear and fishable.

General reports indicate plenty of juvenile fish in the Tongariro.  The trouble with this is while fun catching they tend to take the fly before the bigger ones will take. 

Fish have been rising to Passion Vine Hoppers or what some would call Lace Moths. The insects are very hard to spot on the water as they lay flat in the surface but are almost impossible to see.  The fish taking them usually emit a "splash" type of take. Usually good to fish after a good gust of wind as they get blown off overhanging bushes. 

In the past I have heard an angler say if using one expect to catch a fish "in a thousand casts".  The fish can be very selective on what they look like and how they are presented. 

Also a few reports in from Lake Otamangakau have been from anglers experiencing catching lots of small fish (juveniles). Most likely flushed into the lake from the heavy rain a week or so back.

(Below) Passion Vine Hoppers / Lace Moths ready for takeoff !


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