Monday 3rd April 2017


Overcast. Humid. The odd light drizzly rain falling at times (good mushroom weather). Light winds. The Tongariro has come up to about 40 cumecs this morning due to the planned release of water from the power company who are undertaking a tunnel inspection for the week. At 40 cumecs the river is highly fishable today. Remember to dust off your sinking lines for these higher flows and the flows could go even higher if it rains due to the river being uncontrolled. 

Caution should be taken for wading when rain is forecast while the river is being uncontrolled as the river may come up quicker than usual. If wading to an island be sure you can get back! Always take note of the amount of rain falling in the hills.

The last week has seen some good looking rainbows come into the river.  Solid fish up to 5lb in weight have been caught. There have been some runs of rainbows so far but remember it is still early in terms of this happening.  The browns have still been moving upriver. This time of the year increases your chance at catching a good sized brown trout and also the first of the early running rainbows are usually crackers.  Things are looking good for the up coming school holidays and Easter Break. Good rain between now and then should move more fish.   



state highway one bridge 1 pool 03042017.jpg

(Above) One angler fishing just under the State Highway One road bridge at 1:00pm today.  The river looks nice and highly fishable today for both wetlining and nymphing. Two more anglers were further down in the "Old" Bridge Pool fishing too.

(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge.

state highway one bridge 2 pool 03042017.jpg


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