Tuesday 3rd April 2018


Overcast. Cool.  No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. We have hit Autumn full steam ahead.  The trees have really changed colour now and a few are already shedding their leaves. We could be in for an early Winter this year. 

Some good rainbows should run with any rain that we get over the next month or two, especially if the river gets some colour to it. More browns should move with this rain as well.

We had an awesome weekend over the Easter weekend weather wise.  It would have been nice for visiting anglers to be out and about on the rivers and also Lake Taupo. 

We had the Lake Rotoaira Easter fishing competition on over the Easter weekend.  We sold a ton of boat lures as everyone was racing in to stock up !

Andrew had a bit of fun the other day on the Tongariro using a dry fly and caught a heap of tiddlers using a dry fly. This is great fun on light gear like a #4 to #6 rod.  These smaller fish are quite aggressive and bounce all over the show. The really put up a good fight. My suggestion is to crimp the barb on the hooks to make it a little easier to release them. 

I received this email and photo this morning thanks to Michael Swarbrick. Michael writes:

Hey Jared, you and Thomas are both famous at the Trout Centre. Thomas a tad bigger now.. :)


thomas swarbrick trout centre march 2018.jpg


Now here is a little fishy story for you all.  This was sent in to us at the end of last week thanks to Rodney Popham of Australia. I am sure you all might have a bit of a chuckle at this one.  Rodney writes:

Attn: Jared…


I have been fishing the Tongariro for over 35 years and I return again next week from Perth for a couple of weeks…. I follow your Fishing Reports almost every day… to bring a smile to your face - a little story….


At the end of last year I was fishing a lake in northern Tasmania on a VERY windy day in thigh waders when I lost a fly – I thought to a tree on the bank behind….


It wasn’t until I got to where I was staying in Launceston and tried to get my trousers off that I found the fly had ‘’stapled’’ my trousers to my backside and I just couldn’t reach it. My landlady, not at all up to the task, called a local retired policeman Laurie and his wife (a nurse) and they performed the operation with a big pair of rusty pliers.


Laurie related the tale to a local cartoonist in the village who presented me with the attached sketch in a frame…..


So looking forward to the next couple of weeks in Turangi fishing !




Rod Popham

Perth – Western Australia


rodneys cartoon.jpg



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