Tuesday 3rd May 2016


Overcast with calm conditions in Turangi today.  All rivers are low and clear and fishable. Some rain would be extremely nice at the moment. The Autumn so far has been fantastic with 20 degree celcius temperatures.... little wind and virtually no rain.

Anglers are commenting that they would now like some rain but with this lack of rain the lake level has dropped in Lake Taupo which is making it good for the stream mouth fishermen. Might pay to have a go after dark with a lumo ;-)  The moon is non existent at the moment which is making the night darker than a black hole !!

I received this email and photo yesterday thanks to Jason Bleibtreu.  Jason writes:

Dear Sporting Life,

It is great to be back in Turangi. We have had some wonderful weather here.
I went wet-lining on the Tongariro this morning with local fishing guide Heather MacDonald. We got this very nice, fresh run, rainbow jack below the main bridge. The fish has magnificently pink flesh and had remains of Koura in its stomach . I am sure it will smoke nicely.


Jason Bleibtreu


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