Wednesday 3rd May 2017


Overcast. No wind. All river are fishable here in Turangi today. 

Most anglers who have called into the shop over the last few days have reported catching fish in the Tongariro. Most anglers are reporting some very nice conditioned rainbows that put up a really good fight. 

A reminder that duck shooting starts this weekend so those heading up to some of the smaller lakes like Otamangakau and Kuratau may have to "duck" whilst casting close to shore.  Take a set of ear plugs with you for two reasons .... to dull the noise of the guns and to have a peaceful day in the boat if your fishing buddy does nothing but yak all day !

The rain has been good over the last few weeks to entice the fish to run with some very nice rainbows now showing up.  Usually towards the end of May we get more rain. We had a dump of snow on the Kaimanawa Ranges and Mt Ruapehu through Sunday night and into Monday morning.  This will also cool water temperatures. 

I have seen wasps, bees and bumble bees flying around like mad over the last week or so.  The cooler temperatures will see them heading for their Winter hibernation.


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