Friday 3rd June 2016


A -2.9 degree frost this morning here in Turangi. Also a fog has rolled in trapping the cool air.  No wind.  All rivers are highly fishable if you can handle frozen fingers ;-)

Occasionally we get a fog here in Turangi but not very often. It looks like the weather should be great fishing weather for the weekend if you are heading this way.  Be careful on the roads heading this way especially in shaded areas as frost / ice may cause you to lose control.

Fresh fish came up the Tongariro from last weekends flood, still early days in terms of numbers (remember the bulk of fish will be in the river over the Spring), so hunting them out might be the way to fish rather than let them come to you.


(Above & Below) A few file photos I took in 2002 showing what the conditions look like this morning on the Tongariro. The fog should lift later in the day to produce a nice sunny day.


(Below) The best catch of the day yesterday !!!  I shouldn't be so cheeky !! Cringe, cringe !!!!!!


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