Wednesday 3rd August 2016


Overcast with light drizzly rain falling here in Turangi this morning.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is fishable and flowing at about 36 cumecs. Looks like the forecast is saying we could be in for a bit of icy weather over the next few days.  That is where a decent set of waders and a good quality wading jacket will be of benefit to you as an angler! 

Looks like some good fish coming through the rivers now that we actually have a decent bit of rain and some snowfall. Best get out there and give it a nudge.

The Firemen began their fishing competition yesterday with a total of 55 competitors and 9 teams.  Should be interesting to see how they go.

tongariro river fishing dick le fort 01082016.jpg

(Above) Dick called into the shop yesterday to drop this photo off. This was a nice fat, solid looking rainbow that he had caught.  He wanted to say that his new Sage One and new Sage 2280 fly reel worked a charm. He regrets that he didn't get something like this a long time ago !! 

fly fishing tongariro river large brown trout 3 jared 01082016.jpg

(Above) An angler fishing the Judges Pool on Monday ... note that the hood is up .... anglers have been rugged up over the last week or two with the cooler and wetter weather.

fly fishing tongariro river large brown trout 1 jared 01082016.jpg

(Above)  I managed to snag a few on Monday as well. 

(Below) I was quite surprised to land this brown.  It put up a good fight on such a tiny nymph !!!

fly fishing tongariro river large brown trout 2 jared 01082016.jpg


Here is a bit of a brain teaser for you mid week sitting in your office having to dream of going fishing. Try and say this as fast as you can:

Check this out !!!

" How many Czech nymphs can a Czech nympher check if a Czech nympher can check Czech Nymphs ? "

And the answer is ......

3 ...... as that's how many you are allowed on your line .....

It will make it easier to check if they are not tangled !!



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