Thursday, 3rd August 2017


Overcast with high cloud but fine here in Turangi today. No rain.  No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is highly fishable.

There was some good rain overnight on Tuesday and I had wanted to go for a flick on Wednesday.  With the amount of rain I was thinking the river would be out of action but when I got down to the river I couldn't believe that the river was clear and highly fishable.

I met up with Alistair Whitehead and Johnny Gummer down by the Hydro Pool. I started off nymphing but didn't have much luck and decided to change to the wetline. Boy !! did that go well. I was thinking that with wetlining prior to today that I might as well get down to the river, throw my fly box into the river and go straight home and call it a successful days fishing !!!

Johnny picked up a few on the Switch gear swinging with some wetflies.

(Below) The Hydro Pool yesterday morning. A grey and wet day on the Tongariro yesterday. The water was a nice deep green colour.

big rainbow trout 4 tongariro river 02082017.jpg


big rainbow trout 2 tongariro river 02082017.jpg

(Above & Below) This was a cracker jack that I landed using the shooting head swinging some flies. Notice the lack of spots on its back ?

big rainbow trout 1 tongariro river 02082017.jpg

(Below) Another jack landed.  This one was a little smaller but also notice the few black spots on its back. My new boots have been really good.  Fully studded I don't find myself slipping as much and the bulbous toe on it gives me plenty of room for my toes and I find my feet aren't getting as cold from having more space in them.

big rainbow trout 3 tongariro river 02082017.jpg

(Below) This was a really nice fresh run silver jack that I landed using the sinking line.

big rainbow trout 5 tongariro river 02082017.jpg

(Below) I caught this jack nymphing later in the day.  It was quite good fishing with Alistair and Johnny.  The day was cold and sitting on the riverbank having a hot coffee was a bonus. 

big rainbow trout 6 tongariro river 02082017.jpg

(Below) Alistair with a nice silver ingot that he caught nymphing in the Tongariro River yesterday.

big rainbow trout 7 tongariro river 02082017.jpg


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