Thursday 3rd September 2015


After more rain overnight the Tongariro is still only flowing at about 40 cumecs and is still highly fishable for both the nymphers and wetliners.

The majority of nymphers are still taking out glo bugs, however a few have been going for the Crypto Nite Caddis. Should start expecting to see some darker fish turn up in the Tongariro in the next few weeks. These ones will be the feeders and the easier ones to catch. 

This year they may not put on as much condition as much as previous years to to the river being scoured clean of the nymph life.

A few boaties have reported quite a few smaller fish out in Lake Taupo that have been easy to catch and this is possibly the reflection of them being blown out into the Lake throughout the year due to the number of floods that we have been having. 

If we get some more Spring floods then it would be wise to surmise that the spent fish will be knocked back into the Lake fairly early and put on a bit of condition coming up to the Christmas / New Year break which will be a bonus for the lake anglers. 

The bonus of these floods this year will have a similar effect to 2008 when we had 13 good floods in the river that year. It will knock the population of tour back to keep the condition up .... should see the effects of this year in about 3 years time. 

Had an angler in the shop yesterday who reported some great fishing at Lake rotoaira. He reported catching a 5lb rainbow.

Just arrived in the shop the NEW Sage Pulse and Bolt Rods.

The pictures below were sent in earlier in the week thanks to Seth.  Seth writes:

3 released + 1 kept
Have a great day!



(Above) A nicely coloured up rainbow Jack.






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