Monday 3rd September 2018


Overcast start to the day with some rain but the sun has some out as of 1:30pm.  No wind as of 1:30pm.  The Tongariro is flowing at about 33 cumecs and is highly fishable.

I've been flat out in the shop today sorting stuff out, however I think most anglers must be making the most of the day and giving the rivers a lash. 

We got some good heavy rain overnight and some strong winds but the Tongariro is highly fishable today. Seems to have been some better reports from the nymphers over the last week .... the wetlining has gone a little on the quiet side with most anglers through the shop seeming to be nymphing at present. 

Quite a few are still taking out glo bugs but don't go past the "traditional" hare and copper or pheasant tail and also try the white or green caddis. It is amazing how I will fish with a natural and a glo bug and quite often the fish ignore the glo bug instead preferring to take the natural nymph. 

The Tauranga-Taupo River had come up again overnight and is at about .55 on the level.  This should be good for anglers who know the spots and if there is a touch of colour to the river should benefit those anglers. There were some really good numbers of fish up there last week and some stunning pure silver bullets. If they have gone up the river they must have passed through the mouth. So.... one would suggest to have a look at the mouth at night as well. 



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