Wednesday 3rd October 2018


Fine and sunny with possibly a light frost to start the day today. No wind as of 11:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

Another stunning day here in Turangi today. I thought I should try and get out for a lunchtime fish to make the most of this sort of weather that we have been given.

I went home and had a quick lunch, fired my rod in the car and headed off to the river.  I thought with these conditions I would try using a dry fly dropper combination as the day was hot and warm. I got to the river, had about 10 casts and a fish about 10 inches long came up and smashed the dry, unfortunately I didn't hook up, another 5 casts or so and another one came up and smashed the dry .. again only about 10 inches long and again no hook up. I worked my way through some other water and then got a hook up.  

I managed to land the fish pictured below which was quite a good sized rainbow.  This one took the dropper nymph. I took a few pictures and headed back to work. Not bad for about half an hour on the water !!  One was almost tempted to stay on the river and not head back to work. 


03102018 tongariro river turangi dry fly dropper fishing 1 jared.jpg

(Above) The Hydro Pool at lunch time today.  Four anglers were fishing the lower part.

(Below) Some nice looking water at the Hydro Pool.

03102018 tongariro river turangi dry fly dropper fishing 2 jared.jpg

(Below) I gave the Aiflo Blade 4 piece #6 rod a burn.  A great rod for punching out distance and presenting dry flies. 

Sorry about the blurry photo .... I was in a hurry to get back to work and as the fish flapped it caused a few drops to get on the lens. 

03102018 tongariro river turangi dry fly dropper fishing 3 jared.jpg

(Below) Another stuff up with the camera ... trying to find a level spot, thinking it is ok and then when you see the picture on screen of the camera it looks fine. I even wiped the lens before I took this picture. On the computer it looks blurry.  The reason here is the camera focused on the blades of grass ..... bugger !

The beauty of this dry fly fishing is you hardly need to get your feet wet.  Fish the water between the bank and where most other anglers have waded out to ;-)

03102018 tongariro river turangi dry fly dropper fishing 4 jared.jpg


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