Tuesday 3rd November 2015


Overcast and a calm start to the day today.  All rivers are fishable. Seems to be very few anglers around at present.  Most likely with the back country opening up on 1 Oct they will be hanging around their local haunts. 

Still "zillions" of fish in the local rivers here should you wish to catch some easy ones. Last week I had the odd reports of the evening rise on the odd nice evening. The wind seems to have settled a bit now but still seems to come out once the sun comes out. 

Small fry reported swimming along the edges of rivers.

The temperatures are getting up around 20-21 degrees celcius during the day but still seem to be quite cold overnight. Southerly type winds are forecast for the rest of the week which will keep temperatures down a bit. 

Anglers have reported seeing big pods of fish in the river but when they cast to them and the lines and flies drift past them, the fish part allowing the flies to go straight through and then settle back in station coming together again !  My suggestion of experience over the years is go and fish for the fish you "can't see".

Reports still coming in of some nice fresh fish in amongst the spent ones. The trouble here is the spent ones are usually the feeders and will readily take your fly before the fresh ones have a chance to look at it. 

Not too far off the green beetles making an appearance. Will be interesting if the temperatures stay on the cooler side. 

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