Thursday 3rd November 2016


Fine and sunny here in Turangi today. All rivers are fishable.  Slight breeze to start with .... may increase during the day. Some awesome fishing to be had in the Tongariro at present.  Some fish seen rising during the day.  The nymphing is fantastic. 

tongariro river day 5 off aaron 01112016.jpg

(Above) I was out and about on Tuesday with Aaron and his mate Zac from Canada.  A few months ago I was asking for volunteers to work for me and I got a reply from Aaron. 

Hey Jared.
 My name is Aaron and come August 31st I'm making a solo trip over to New Zealand on a working holiday visa to explore and fish your country. Looking for info on fishing around the north island lead me to your fishing reports. On one of your comments from the July 26th report you mention something about volunteers working for you? I'm wondering how serious this was as I may be interested?
Hope to hear from you

My reply was as follows........

Hello there Aaron

Good to see you are heading over this way. Ahh volunteers  :-) meaning someone who can work for free for me while I get paid to go fishing ;-) You are the first one in 16 years who has actually offered. Not really serious .... just a wind up for those who complain that fishing is too difficult ! Call in to the shop when you are through and if I have a day off might go for a fish with you.

 Tightlines  Jared


So we headed out to the Tongariro only to find a World Class fishing river with no one fishing it.

tongariro river day 6 off aaron 01112016.jpg

(Above) A raft heading downriver. I said to Aaron and Zac that they stir the fish up and bring them closer to our side. They would make the best strike indicators too .... float all day !!

(Below) Zac with a Tongariro rainbow that he landed. I gave them a few pointers and eventually both got into fish.

tongariro river day 7 off aaron 01112016.jpg

(Below) I hadn't fished for a while and had a primo day. A good mixture of fish from spent to recovering. Flies .... they took basically everything we put on !!  Caddis, Mayflies, Bombs, Glo Bugs ....

tongariro river day 1 off aaron 01112016.jpg

(Below) Plenty of recovering fish out there.  Some anglers are disappointed with these but they are the result of a natural process and have already spawned.  The interesting thing is all of the spent fish were once good fish that anglers didn't catch ;-)

tongariro river day 10 off aaron 01112016.jpg


tongariro river day 11 off aaron 01112016.jpg


tongariro river day 12 off aaron 01112016.jpg


tongariro river day 2 off aaron 01112016.jpg

(Below) A nice fresh little rainbow. 

tongariro river day 3 off aaron 01112016.jpg


tongariro river day 4 off aaron 01112016.jpg

(Another) Fresh fish.

tongariro river day 8 off aaron 01112016.jpg

(Below) This was a really nice fresh rainbow I landed on Tuesday.

tongariro river day 9 off aaron 01112016.jpg

(Below) I met up with another angler for the evening rise to impart a bit of knowledge. The first evening rise fish since the end of summer so I was a bit rusty on it. Had a few bumps on the caddis and then landed this baby brown. I lost quite a good fighting fish too. 

tongariro river day 13 off aaron 0111206.jpg

(Below) I eventually landed this rainbow that would have been an impressive fish as it entered the river for spawning. Check out the length of it !!!  The spent fish fight like demons when you hook them on a dry fly. The fight is completely different than hooking them nymphing.  When hooked nymphing they feel sluggish but on the dry I think they get a fright when they grab the fly and usually flip and leap and you can feel them shaking their heads.  Caught on Peter Cary's Mayfly emerger and Sporting Caddis.

tongariro river day 14 off aaron 01112016.jpg

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