Friday 3rd November 2017


Overcast. Light rain falling. No wind as of 9:00am. Andrew reports that the Tongariro looked to be up a smidgeon .... and appeared to be a dark olive colour.

Seems to be plenty of anglers still fishing the Tongaririo River.  Most seen by Andrew appear to be nymphing.  The better conditioned fish I have seen over the last few days look to have been caught by wetliners though. Try brown woolly buggers or the pink beaded Belinda's Bitchslap flies.

Some good reports over the last few nights from plenty of activity on the caddis.  Try the trusty old faithfull Sporting Caddis or Goddards Caddis. 

Some good reports over the last week from the boating anglers. The picture below is thanks to Max Valler of Upper Hutt who headed out jigging with Bill Grace the other day. He managed to land this decent sized brown trout. He was rather chuffed at the size of it and having done some sea fishing in the past couldn't believe the fight it put up. I was speaking with Bill the other day and we both agreed that around this time of the year boaties generally catch quite a few browns.   There seems to be about a three week window where they are caught jigging / trolling or harling and then ..... not much ... over the years I have suspected that they move to head closer to the rivers ready to start moving into them.  I have seen fresh run browns underneath the SH1 road bridge of the Tongariro around the second week of December.

max valler nov 2017.jpg 

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